The Jean Michel Jarre MIDI Collection

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Welcome to the Jean Michel Jarre MIDI Collection, by Tom Emmett.

Sorry for the delay in updating the web site, I have been having some technical problems with my server, 20m. But I have finally managed to update the site with a few nice MIDI files and a nice new Flash introduction on the main page :-)

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Deserted Palace
Deserted Palace
Bridge of Promises
Deserted Palace

WinZIP File : Deserted Palace

Les Granges Brulees
Les Granges Brulees
La Chanson Des Granges Brulees
Zig Zag

WinZIP File : Les Granges Brulees


Zig Zag Dance
Cartolina (by Tom Emmett)

WinZIP File : Pre-Oxygene

Oxygene 1
Oxygene 2
Oxygene 3
Oxygene 4
Oxygene 5 (part 2)
Oxygene 6

WinZIP File : Oxygene

Equinoxe 1
Equinoxe 2
Equinoxe 3
Equinoxe 4
Equinoxe 5
Equinoxe 6
Equinoxe 7
Equinoxe 8 (part 1)

WinZIP File : Equinoxe

Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Fields 1 - Part 1 - Part 3 (pt. 3 by JD Hoog)
Magnetic Fields 2
Magnetic Fields 3 (extended)
Magnetic Fields 4
Magnetic Fields 5

WinZIP File : Magnetic Fields

The Concerts in China
The Concerts in China
The Overture
Fishing Junks at Sunset
Band in the Rain
Orient Express
Night in Shanghai
Souvenir of China

WinZIP File : The Concerts in China

Music For Supermarkets
Music For Supermarkets
Music For Supermarkets 1
Music For Supermarkets 2
Music For Supermarkets 3 (see Rendez Vous 5 pt. 3)
Music For Supermarkets 4
Music For Supermarkets 5 (see Blah Blah Cafe)
Music For Supermarkets 6
Music For Supermarkets 7 (see Diva pt. 2)
Music For Supermarkets 8

WinZIP File : Music For Supermarkets

Ethnicolor - pt. 1 - pt. 2
Blah Blah Cafe
Ethnicolor II

WinZIP File : Zoolook

Rendez Vous
Rendez Vous
First Rendez Vous
Second Rendez Vous
Third Rendez Vous
Fourth Rendez Vous
Fifth Rendez Vous - pts. 1 and 2 - pt. 3
Last Rendez Vous

WinZIP File : Rendez Vous

Industrial Revolution - Overture - Part 2 - pts. 1, 2 and 3
London Kid
Tokyo Kid
Computer Week End
The Emigrant

WinZIP File : Revolutions

Waiting For Cousteau
Waiting For Cousteau
Calypso 1
Calypso 1 (version 2, by JD Hoog)
Calypso 1 (version 3, by Cedric Geffroy)
Calypso 2
Calypso 3
Waiting For Cousteau

WinZIP File : Waiting For Cousteau

Globe Trotter

WinZIP File : Images

Chronologie 1 - pt. 1 - pt. 2
Chronologie 2
Chronologie 3
Chronologie 4
Chronologie 5
Chronologie 6
Chronologie 7
Chronologie 8

WinZIP File : Chronologie

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Equinoxe 4 (Hong Kong version)
Band in the Rain (unplugged version, sequenced by Cedric Geffroy)
Digi Sequencer

WinZIP File : Hong Kong

Equinoxe 4 (Jarremix)
Oxygene 7-13
Oxygene 7-13
Oxygene 7 (shortened version)
Oxygene 7 (full version, by Cedric Geffroy)
Oxygene 8
Oxygene 9
Oxygene 10
Oxygene 10 Sash! Remix (by Cedric Geffroy)
Oxygene 11
Oxygene 12
Oxygene 13

WinZIP File : Oxygene 7-13

Together Now
Together Now
Together Now
The Twelve Dreams of the Sun
The Twelve Dreams of the Sun
Bells (live version)
Hey Gagarin
Bells (studio version, by JD Hoog)
Tout Est Bleu (Eiffel 65 Remix, by Cedric Geffroy)
Give Me A Sign

WinZIP File : Metamorphoses

Rendez Vous in Space 2001

The Voyage
Nobody (by Tom Emmett)

WinZIP File : 2001 Rendez Vous in Space

VinceBlood's MIDI files

Vincent Aupert (aka VinceBlood) has made a wide selection of Jarre MIDI files...

Calypso 1
Chronologie 1 (for XG-100)
Chronologie 2 (for XG-100)
Chronologie 6
Digi Sequencer
Globe Remix (unfinished)
Globe Trotter
Hey Gagarin (preview)
Magnetic Fields 2
Magnetic Fields 3
Orient Express
Rendez Vous 5 pt. 3
Oxygene 5
Rendez Vous 4
Industrial Revolution pt. 2
Zoolook (with voice effects, unfinished)
Zoolookologie (intro)

Download them in two ZIP files HERE and HERE

If you have any comments about this MIDI collection, feel free to contact the web master here.

New files will be added as they are acquired.

Thanks for checking out the Jean Michel Jarre MIDI Collection! :-)